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Sheet Polishing (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous)
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Flat Rock, Michigan

Flat Rock Metal has five multiple head polishing lines and a buffing line currently arranged for polishing hot rolled or cold rolled carbon steel sheets as well as stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

Six-Head Dry Lines with Variable Speed Drive
Because of the ability to remove stock, these lines are commonly used for metal preparation as well as the salvaging of defective material. These lines can produce common industry standard finishes.

Multiple-Head Wet Lines
The lines are capable of refining surface. A variety of finishes are available with blended surface roughness, i.e., typically 4-10 Ra (micro-inches). Utilizing this technology, we can achieve industry standard finishes, such as #3,4 or 6 on both ferrous and non-ferrous material.

Sheet Coating & Deep Draw Lubes
The lines are capable of applying water-based dry lubes, oils and pre-lubricants.  They can also remove hot-melt lubricant on aluminum.  This process of deep draw forming with dry lubes and application of the rust preventative coating are done in-line.

THICKNESS: .035" to .250"
WIDTH: 15" to 40"
LENGTH: 46" to 120"


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