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What's New


Flat Rock Metal has recently modified one of its sheet polishing lines to a sheet and blank coating paint line. The line is capable of processing carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheet products. Blank sizes up to 48" wide and 120" long can be coated.

Waterborne and solvent-based coating systems can be applied in single coat as well as primer/topcoat approaches. Key processing attributes include:

  • In-line metal finishing and/or polishing for decorative finishes as well as optimized cleaning.
  • Four stage wash section including iron phosphate and dry-in-place pretreatment processes.
  • Roll applied and airless spray applied coating systems.
  • Waterborne as well as common solvent based coating systems including acrylic, polyester, urethane, fluorocarbon and plastisol type chemistries.
  • IR and convection curing with capabiilities up to 450° F peak metal temperatures









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